About RFAteachPD

RFAteachPDis an educational consulting and publishing firm that offers professional development to schools, districts, regional service centers, state agencies, departments of education and national/ international institutes.

Our mission: To help teachers make the difference in the learning journey of all children.

Robin J. Fogarty, PhD 

President of Robin Fogarty & Associates, a Florida-based, minority-owned, educational publishing/consulting company, Robin is a leading proponent of the thoughtful classroom. 

Her doctorate in curriculum and human resource development from Loyola University of Chicago, IL, has garnered invitations to work with educators throughout the world in curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies. 

She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten to college, served as an administrator, and consulted with state departments and ministries of education in the States and around the world. 

The Teacher’s Teacher

Robin is known as the teacher’s teacher, and has published over 30 books focused on rich, robust curriculum and relevant, rigorous instruction. 

“The Teacher Makes the Difference”

In addition, her articles have appeared in Phi Delta Kappan, EL, the Middle School Journal and The Learning Professional. 

Her passion is linking brain science and learning through our human gifts of curiosity, creativity and courage. Her most recent work epitomizes the essence of this highly metacognitive approach to teaching and learning. 

Brian M. Pete   Author/Consultant

Brian is CEO/co-founder of Robin Fogarty & Associates, an educational consulting firm, Brian Pete is from DePaul University of Chicago. 

His rich background in professional development over the past 20 years as an author/presenter, has taken him from United States, and the US Virgin Islands, to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, as well as to Kingdom of Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. 

He is work is provocative, passionate and practical, presented with an unmistakable wit and humor that punctuate his sessions. 

Provocative,Passionate and Practical

Brian has an eye for the “teachable moment” and leaders who are in the know, and he has the words to describe what he sees as skillful educators. 

Workshop was the best that some teachers had ever attended

“Workshop evaluations indicated that Brian was very much appreciated as a presenter and that the workshop was the best that some teachers had ever attended. Some stated that they could not wait for school to begin this year. One stated that she was sorry that it was summer vacation.

Two attending administrators plan to use observations of DI in the teacher evaluations this year along with including DI as a part of the District Improvement Plan.

Brian modeled all activities presented and made sure that the level of presentation was appropriate for the audience. Brian is an excellent resource for staff development. He is coming back to our area again this fall for 2 more workshops to expand on the dynamics of DI.”

Larry Zobrist ROE #51 System of Support 217-585-8090

RFAteachPD is a Robin Fogarty Company and is an internationally recognized provider of:

  • On-Site professional Development, including instructional coaching
  • Training for District-based Staff Developers and providers of Academic Support
  • Consultant writing Curriculum with emphasis on in Integrated Curriculum and Problem-based Learning
  • BlueStreak Math-a online videogame-based math fact fluency solution

RFAteachPD Books


  • Unlocking Student Talent
  • 21st Century Skills COP
  • Everyday Problem-Based Learning
  • Thinking about Thinking in IB Schools
  • How to Teach Thinking Skills


  • Integrating Curricula With Multiple Intelligences
  • How to Integrate the Curricula
  • How to Differentiate Learning
  • inFormative Assessment
  • The Portfolio Connection


  • Literacy ReFramed
  • The Right to Be Literate
  • Literacy Matters


  • From Staff Room to Classroom
  • From Staff Room to Classroom II
  • The Adult Learner
  • Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed
  • School Leader’s Guide to the Common Core
  • A Look at Transfer

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