BlueStreak Math is the Future.

Imagine a middle school math class where…

Students knew their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts with accuracy and fluency.

Teachers could free up valuable teaching time for deeper learning and higher order thinking skills.

Educators have the ability to assess student fluency with mathematical operations by means of monitoring student response time and accuracy.

8 Player Interface with SEL Integration

Capture the Flag is the only with competitive and cooperative video game for Math Fluency available anywhere.

Social Emotional Learning Standards are woven through/out the BlueStreak Math Experience

Authentic Video Game User Experience (UX)

Use BSM to Manage Math Skills & Scores

Students must solve a math problem every 12 seconds to continue playing 

Free auto progress report emailed every week to follow students

Check progress any time you like 

BlueStreak is personalized  learning in a digital format

BlueStreak has 5 games. Earth Defender, Moon Walker, Space Racer, Jetpack Party & Capture the Flag 

Log Books Designed for Small Groups Interventions

Math strategies aligned with the Math Standards.

Strategy Log Books focus the students on the Strategic Thinking and Math Fact Fluency forming the foundation of a successful math student.  

Download:  “How BlueStreak Works!”

Download: White Paper

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