From Staff Room to Classroom

We train leadership team to design, present and facilitate PD that transfers from the staff room to the classroom.

From Staff Room to Classroom

PD Series

From Staff Room to Classroom offers district-level leaders, staff developers, and instructional coaches sure-fire tools and strategies for designing and delivering professional learning. Site-based staff developers and instructional coaches love this book!

From Staff Room to Classroom II

PD Series

The companion book, Staff Room to Classrom II, features 144 strategies for the staff developers to model in their PD sessions. The result is that teachers have new and fresh ideas to take back to their classroom.

“We can’t expect teachers to...

Robin Fogarty, PhD, researched how to reach adult learners in ways that they would be confident transferring and applying strategies from the training room to their classrooms.

Robin and Brian’s workshop re-inspired...

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"Brian Pete takes us into the world of school improvement through professional support. He is highly experienced and thoroughly grounded in working with the adult learner.” Bruce Joyce, author of “Realizing the Promise of 21st-Century Education

“We can’t expect teachers to cook something different unless we show them some exciting new “recipes”

Yuma Union High School District Robin and Brian’s workshop re-inspired, validated, and re-directed our existing professional development team of mentor teachers to focus more clearly on designing professional development opportunities that foster immediate transfer for participants. They clarified the four roles of the staff developer, highlighted the critical components of the adult learner, and provided our team with specific, research-based strategies we can use on-site with our teachers to improve instruction and impact student achievement in our district.

Our four-day workshop “From Staff Room to Classroom: The Adult Learner and Change Theory” was fast-paced, completely interactive, challenging, and fun for our whole team – from assistant superintendent to brand new campus mentor teachers.These are masterful presenters who took time to get to know each of us and our roles and responsibilities within our team; tailored our learning to ensure our own “immediate transfer” of learning in our respective roles supporting teachers. Fabulous learning experience for all!

Sheila Psolka, Director, Professional Development,
Yuma Union High School District