All About Thinking

Prepare students for the test of life, not just for the test.

The Test of Life

PD Series

Real world application drives 21st Century learning for this generation of learners. They don’t learn how to do something, they jump right in and learn by doing it on their own.

This training works when...

Inquiry Learning

PD Series

It’s time to transform instruction with enriched Everyday Problem-based Learning. Discover how elements of Inquiry Learning when integrated into daily lessons students become good problem-solvers. 

This training works when...

Personalized Learning

PD Series

Unlocking student talent personalizes learning by energizing, engaging and elevating student ingenuity. They become the “stewards of their own learning”.

This training works if

Thinking about Thinking

PD Series

The gap between high achievers and struggling students can be closed by guiding the development of metacognitive, reflective approach to their learning.  This is true because metacognition is rated number one shared characteristic of high academic achievers.

This training works when...
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This training works when you have students who:
Are hands-on, concrete learners willing to try
Show frustration but know how to ask for help
Like to experiment and try things on their own
Try different ways to get the “answer”
Are “wannabe” thinkers who want to become champions

This training works when you have students who:
wants the right "answer"
Need more than “Assign and Assess” teaching
Will struggle with inquiry learning
Need Everyday-PBL before tackling “End-of-Semester-PBL”
Will rise to the challenge to think creatively
Are on the “Brink of Greatness” and need a nudge.

This training works if you have students who:
Are respond with confidence when they know
Excel when given challenge and choice.
Show progress when given specific feedback.
Work hard when personally motivated
Are not afraid to stand apart from his peers
Displays a burning desire to be “Great!”

This training works when you have students who:
Make the same process mistakes repeatedly
Achieve in certain subjects but not others
Work hard, but not smart; need other strategies
Are not afraid of self-reflection or making a mistake
Are having problems beyond school
Need a “new” way of looking at themselves.